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What is it ?

A twisted idea but sympathic, a taste of adventure with an oil odor, extraordinary projects of voyages, a desire of freedom... Today, it is only one idea "familliale" but which surely will become an association (if you etes many to support this;o project))

Where, Who, When, How, Why ??

Where ? : Everywhere!!! (according to time, weather and courage!)
Who? : Our exits are opened to all (from 14 to 99 years!) in condition of course of having a scooter. The proof :
When ? : During weekends or school holidays (sorry for all those people everywhere:o()
Why ? : Ha... that's a good question ;o)
How ? : BY SCOOTER !!!Of course !!!

The aventures :

Spring 1999: First kilometers

Summer 1999 : South of spanish Pyrenées.
15 days, 1500 Km along the feet of spanish Pyrenées, from JACCA to PAMPLONA, the desert of Bardenas, the natural parc of Odesa...

Summer 2000 : The plate of "Haut Languedoc".
15 days, 1000 Km on the "causses" and in the Aubrac, from Tarn canyon to Lot canyon, passing by Aurillac and its street theatre festival...

Summer 2001 : Bretagne.
In fact, just a go and back Toulouse-Guidel... due to the bad weather (and lack of motivation)!

Summer 2002 : A small journey of one week.
Sarlat, valley of la Dordogne, Puy Marie, Perpignan... under the rain!

Summer 2003 : The projects changed a little: A kind of " honeymoon " for our 20 years of marriage, just Francoise and me.
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The Projects :

Summer 2004 : The Challenge: Gibraltar (Spain) - Nordkapp (Norway), Europe from the south to the north with the new Euro! 2 Months, 8000 Km...
9 crossed countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway)

Summer 2005 : Lisbonne (Portugal) - Istanbul (Turkey), Europe from West to East (or the northern coast of the Mediterranean, if you prefer...) 2 Months, 8000 km (the routine what! 9 crossed countries (Ho, in this direction too!)

Summer 2006 : Russia, up to you???

Summer 2007 : Or Africa..


and in 2012, humm ?? Aaaahh, 2012...

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